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Deck flex

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Built to last!
Top speed with me on the board 64km/h (40mph)

Range: Sticky subject! My personal record: Managed to kill the battery in as little as 29km! I have also gotten 48km while cruising. But for aggressive riding I typically get 36-42km. I am 83kg and 193cm tall.

14.6kg. Not the lightest thing! But very light for what it is!

Deck length 96.4cm width 28.1 cm. Slight camber & 3D pockets to die for! Tip and tail angles of 28.75° & 25.25°


Deck & Enclosure: Made by Boards of Sweden! 

Battery: 12s5p Molicel P42A. 907.2W 225A peak (according to Molicel)

Motors: 6384-168kv, battle hardened, high temp NS42 double curved magnets, each rated at 4000W & weighing in at 1100g

ESC: Latest BKB Xenith: Set at 118A Battery (total) & 99A for each motor.

MBS Matrix ll trucks, oil slick with yellow shock blocks

Hubs: Mbs Rockstar ll hubs

Tires & tubes: sunmate 175mm (not as pictured)

Remote: Hoyt midnight puck

BMS: Smart bluetooth BMS to monitor individual P-groups.

Motor mount: Milled in-house. A beautiful thing!

Motor pulley: 18t, 20mm wide, C45 steel

Wheel pulley: 68t 20mm wide, anodized black

Charger 5A alu body & integrated fuse

Waterproof on/off button & charge port.

A4 Stainless steel hardware. Expensive black oxide coating for the carbon specific hardware.

Vicious grip tape. Super black and super corse! In stripes sparingly.

Included extras:

Bottle of thick bearing grease, easy to apply.

Bottle of polish/wax. For the occasional love

5° wedge FDM 3d printed tpu, matte black

4x orange shock block 

2x belts

1x tire

1x tube

Deck & Enclosure

Strive towards the best possible ride! Built to last! Easy to say but hard to execute. Everything has been designed from the ground up starting with the deck and enclosure. Which to me is the heart and soul of a board. To best be able to control those characteristics it had to be done in-house and it had to evolve over time but that’s a story for another day. The final concoction is a deck made out of carbon fiber and epoxy with a core material made from a specialty cork paired with a synthetic core material, with built in reinforcement areas made from CNC milled aluminum. Multiple years of CAD & FEA simulations and a whopping 96 milling programs has been allocated to get to the point where it is today.
The top layer of carbon fibre is now updated (not as pictured) and uses a similar weave pattern to some of the most high end car manufacturers, Koenigsegg, McLaren & Pagani. The Enclosure is made from a variable thickness carbon fiber and flexible epoxy resin developed in house specifically for the enclosure. The inside of the enclosure has a layer of glass fiber as carbon fiber is conductive and the electronics doesn’t like that.
The result is a 96.4cm long & 28.1 cm wide deck with tip and tail angles of 28.75° and 25.25°. Giving it a very good base for a board to use soft bushings and plenty of lean while being easily customizable by wedging the front truck for a more playful board for lower speeds or more experienced riders. It is torsionally very stiff, but surprisingly flexible along it’s length. It has a moderate amount of camber in the middle of the deck while possibly having THE most over engineered 3D foot pockets. The pockets have a slight but gradual rocker so you can keep a wide stance comfortably over time, that way you can better handle the G-forces introduced by heavy acceleration and breaking but also give you a better chance of tackling hidden bumps and irregularities in the road when the vison isn’t the best. The concave is made to match the bottom surface of a sneaker creating a bowl shape especially hugging the outer toes and has a very slight arch support. While not creating any hotspots for the heel and outside of the foot. That paired with a very coarse grip tape makes it an absolute dream to carve yet keeping you locked in going over bumps even at the highest of speeds. The 3D pockets and it’s tip and tail is built to be very rigid while the middle although being torsionally stiff is where the board flexes making it very responsive and agile while retaining it’s playfulness.It weights in at roughly 1750g, which is basically nothing for being such a large deck! Contrary to popular belief the mixture of materials and layup makes for a very damp ride.

The enclosure is built from the ground up constructed to be as sleek and low profile as possible. It is built to flex and move with the very flexible deck yet having extra reinforcements where the protection is needed. It is built to perfectly contour and match the deck and just deep enough to house a single layer of cells and the tiniest of air gap above. The cables and electronics are routed to not get pinched in the event of a hit taken from below. Nearly a full tube of natural curing silicone is used to pot/glue the cells and electronics to the enclosure to make sure nothings is rubbing or vibrating loose! The amount of vibrations an electric skateboards sees is absurd, that paired with moisture and you probably have the two most common failure modes. To put things in perspective, it takes 4 full days for just the silicone to cure and just the weight of the silicone is nearly as much as the enclosure itself. However it is glued down in a way that all the electronics but the battery itself can be easily replaced in the unlikely event of a failure. Waterproofing the enclosure, motor wires, charge port and on/off button is done with butyl tape. Same goop used to keep a vacuum when making composite parts. It’s a pain to remove but nothing beats the way it seals. Fun fact back when I started testing out the the board I used a dodgy prototype ESC (never intended to be put in a production board), after a few days the ESC blew up when I turned the board on, after removing all the screws prying the enclosure up I heard a loud pop. That was the overpressure blowing open the air tight seal created from the heat of the fried ESC. If it can handle being stress tested throughout a full Swedish winter with salty, snowy & nasty roads you can rest assure the enclosure is as watertight as it gets. Designed and built from the ground up knowing how the board will be used and abused.

Shipping, Returns & Warranty


I am now offering worldwide shipping!
Contact me for a quote!

I am in the making of setting up a 
Deck + Enclosure kit

Im accepting returns for 14 days after the customer receives the package. The customer pays for the shipping though and that is expensive. And it needs to be in a absolute brand new condition  
For more info regarding returns:

Warranty & support!

Shipping a big heavy board back and forth is expensive and a bad idea! 

The board is built to be modular.
However if something fails it should be easy enough for the customer to repair/replace with basic tools.

So here is how the bulk of the service will go down:
1, If it's not obvious a quick and effective face time call to determine the issue
2, If needed a replacement part will be sent out 
3, Replace the part with the help of an informative YouTube video. 

The above service will be for life.

Replacements parts + shipping will be free of charge for 6 months for manufacturing defects. Warranty does not cover misuse, neglect, accidents, issues or wearable items such as: Tires, tubes, belts, bushings, griptape, bearings, kingpin insert bushings etc.

Then after the first 6 months the customer will be charged for the part + shipping.

However giving a call is and will always be welcomed!


Your dumb dumb is not my fault!

Please read Terms of Service, Legal notice, Privacy policy & Refund policy before ordering.

Deck + Enclosure Kit

Still under testing. Contact me if you are interested.

Follow the discussion on:

Discussion on the forum

I am currently working on a Deck + Enclosure kit for those outside Europe that has some cravings.

The plan is to have a short but detailed step by step guide on the specifics on how to spot weld & assemble the battery.
And a complimenting video.

What fits:
12s5p 21700 cells (14s5p if you want to intrude on the electronics compartment)
Any ESC below 20mm. Focbox unity, BKB Xenith, de cased stormcore (not tested).
ESC compartment is:
23mm tall (has a bottom curve to it)
150mm long
220mm wide.
Preferred remote Hoyt puck, ideally place receiver underneath the red puck.

Plan is to include things like nickel strips & series wires cut to length.
& anything else that makes it easier to get your build together.

(It is not intended as a plug and play solution but rather to serve the diy scene, or those who knows a local battery builder with some experience.)